Whenever possible, we work to declutter home items as ethically and environmentally as is possible. To streamline this effort, we offer the service of hauling clients’ unwanted home items to donation or recycling centers – free of charge! The service extends to one car-load of items per organizing session. We will haul donation items to a drop-off center of your choosing; *service applies to organizations located within 20 miles of your residence or commercial space. If you are unsure of where you’d like to donate soon-to-be decluttered home items, please consider selecting a donation organization listed below.

Donation Organizations We Love:

Note: tax donation receipts may be mailed back to your address upon request.

Recycling Old Laptops, Cell Phones & Other Electronics

Laptops: After you’ve ensured any digital content is backed up and hard-drives are wiped, laptops can be recycled at Staples and Best Buy. View Earth911’s handy search engine to view other companies and organizations which accept laptops for recycling in your area.

Cell Phones: After content has been backed up and SIM cards have been removed, phones can be dropped off at a Call2Recycle location, which accepts all mobile phones for recycling. Phones can also be dropped off at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Best Buy.

Old Batteries: Most types can be dropped off at Whole Foods, Staples, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Miscellaneous Chargers & Wires: Most types are accepted at Staples and Best Buy.

Junk Removal

We are able to haul junk (trash) items for a cost dependent upon quantity and content of items. Please inquire within for rates.