How it Works

1. Schedule a free consultation.

2. Assess your needs. During consultation call, be prepared to describe your space and intentions/goals, however loose or specific (organize space for utility, manage hoarded items, optimize decor, etc.. You may wish to review our services prior to consultation to better identify your objectives). Feel free to send photos of space to [email protected] prior to call.

3. Schedule service. And get ready for zen!

Rate: $65/hour.

Project Determination

Due to the variety of services offered, ZHO assesses projects with clients on an individual basis to determine the estimated effort needed to get the job done. Before the first session, we provide clients with a standard Statement of Work agreement outlining a project’s organizing objectives.

Project Length

An organizing session usually runs between 4-7 hours. Medium-scope projects may require multiple appointments scheduled consecutively or as needed. Larger projects requiring several weeks of full-time support may be tackled consecutively or on a long-term, steady/weekly basis. Project pacing is determined individually, factoring a client’s needs in with our scheduling capacity.