Zen Home Organizing is here to tackle any variation of the following services:

Declutter Space

  • Recommend which household items to keep, sell or donate
  • *Included add-on service: ZHO hauls away donation items upon request
  • Scan photos and papers onto digital storage space to reduce physical bulk. Shred personal papers and/or photos following digital upload (including pill bottle/medical information)
  • Whenever possible, ZHO exercises a green, ethical approach to decluttering. Learn more here.
  • * Service applies to 1 car-load amount of total items per organizing session. ZHO will transport donation items to an organization of your choosing, located within 20 miles of your residence or commercial space.

    Recommend Organizing Materials

  • Once a client’s space has been assessed and/or decluttered, ZHO may recommend specialized organizing tools & materials which can be added to optimize the space’s functionality.
  • Update Furniture Layout

  • Assess current setup
  • Recommend alternate layout
  • Reassemble furniture layout
  • Catalogue “Sell” Furniture & Home Items

  • Prepare, photograph, catalogue and measure items
  • Craft suggested ad content for items
  • Recommend online marketplaces for selling items
  • Optimize Home Décor

  • Fluff décor/add finishing touches
  • Update seasonal decor displays
  • Complete overhaul: recommend new décor pieces (compiled within a digital list), purchase/acquire items & assemble
  • Declutter Digital Space

  • Strategize with client on methods to digitally declutter an electronic device or e-storage space
  • Implement digital declutter strategy
  • Prepare Residential Space

  • Estate sale
  • Open house staging
  • Incoming or outgoing move
  • Address & Manage Hoarded Spaces

  • Work empathetically with client to tackle organizing spaces which have been affected by hoarding
  • Set up maintainable organizing systems for clients to manage and best reduce future hoarding tendencies